My Top 3 Eye Primer Recommendations!

Hi everyone! My favorite place on a face to apply makeup is the eyes! With all the work we put into our eye makeup we want everything to stay right? That is why everyone needs to be using an eye primer under their shadows! After applying an eye primer, my makeup lasts longer whether I’m going through a day of work, class, or going out! Primer’s also bring out the color of your eyeshadows and keep them from creasing. Here are my top three recommendations of eye shadow bases! (Click the name of each to go to their website!)

3. Urban Decay’s Primer Potion in “Sin”– $20

The reason I like this primer is because it is a base that also has some color to it. Sin is a light pink neutral color that is perfect for layering other shades on top of! The color looks just like the color of the tube. I have also worn it just by itself as a cream eyeshadow before too!

This may sound strange but I think this primer is especially good for people with dry eyelids because the formula is creamy in a way that its almost a little oily- but a good kind of oily! After you apply it, it dries, and your eyeshadow stays on for hours!

The UD Primer Potion also comes in a variety of colors. (If you prefer a clear base, the purple tube is the one for you!)

2. Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Eye Primer– $26

This primer works extremely well! Here are some points why:

  • This eye primer has no shimmer or tint to it
  •  The color is translucent so it is guaranteed to match your skin. (You won’t have to think twice about the colors you’re layering over it since it goes with everything.)
  •  If you have veins on your eyes this will also cover it!

Overall, keeps eyeshadow on throughout the day without letting it crease or fade. Can’t really say enough good things about this one.. actually can’t think of anything bad to say. Definitely one of my favorites!

1. MAC Paint Pot in “Bare Study”– $20

I literally use this product everyday and have been almost consistently for the last two years. It works extremely well even if it is raining outside, super hot to where you’re sweating, or just a normal day. I apply it with my finger and it dries almost instantly. I have never had eyeshadow crease once after applying the paint pot. It lasts for an entire day (sometimes longer) and keeps my eyeshadows vibrant. I have also worn bare study just as an eyeshadow on its own too.

One of the craziest things to me about this product is how long one pot will last. I literally have been using the same one for two years (yes it’s probably time to replace it) but it hasn’t dried out at all! That’s a serious bang for your buck- absolutely worth the investment if you think its a little pricey. In my opinion the MAC paint pots keep my eyeshadows lasting the longest amount of time! Love this product! It also comes in a variety of colors!

Let me know if you have any comments or questions!

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