Miami- Kendra Thorton Fashion Challenge!

Here are all the items in the collages:

Challenge Details by Kendra Thorton:
“While looking around at all of the different places in Miami, I realized that everyone is dressed so posh! I’m a mother of three and am in need of a few outfit for my trip to Miami. I’m hoping that you can help me pick out some beach looks, casual day attire and evening ensembles to keep me looking fabulous wherever we head in Miami.
Our hotel is in the heart of South Beach and located right by the boardwalk. The Delano hotel is one of the ritzier hotels, and I am very lucky to be staying here with my husband. I can’t believe we got a reservation. It’s a gorgeous place with premium bedding, large bathtubs, beautiful ocean views and a stretch pool by the beach. We found and booked this gem on the website gogobot. The hotel is rated number one by users for the greater miami area. My husband also surprised me with a spa package to the Delano’s signature spa. I definitely need a new swimsuit outfit that can translate from the beach to walking around cafes or going to the spa easily.
There are a few different bars and nightclubs located around where we are staying, so I want to have a night look that will knock my husband off his feet. It should include a pair of heels and a nice dress. I’m open to different colors or even a sleek black dress. Im so excited to see what type of tends your fashion board has in store.”

Check out the hotel through Gogobot!–hotels

I hope you like all the outfits I put together! Leave your comments in the section below!
— Emily

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