The Walk Atlanta Fashion Show!

Hey everyone! Last weekend, I attended the Walk Atlanta Fashion show and it was fantastic! This show was great because it featured so many local designers and models. I loved not knowing what to expect before every model walked out. It was also extra cool that the host of the show was Naima Mora who was ANTM’s Season 4 winner! If you want to see her walk at the show, check out the video I took:

If you haven’t been to a fashion show before, you definitely need to go to one! It was really fun and a great way to get more insight into the fashion industry.

I went to the show with two of my friends. For my outfit, I wore a dress from JcPenney and H&M shoes. My friend Karli wore a Lulu’s Dress with a Kate Spade Purse. Natasha wore a H&M top with Steve Madden heels.

Hope you have a great rest of the summer!
— Emily

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