REVIEW: Kiss Nail Dress Strips

Hey everyone! I wanted to share with you a set of sticker strips that I used when I went to an outdoor concert/ festival! I had always seen similar products in the grocery store but finally decided to try it out because I loveddd the print. This product was unique in that they gave you stickers for your entire nail and or for if you wanted to do a french tip with them.


  • Awesome prints
  • Pack included 40 strips and a nail file
  • Price around $5-$6
  • Super easy to apply
  • Easy to peel off


  • Did not last longer than 4 days
  •  Some edges near the cuticle would’ve taken a lot of work to fit the nail so they looked like they were sticking out (my ring and pinky finger).
The picture on the left is of me dressed for the Mad Decent Block Party concert! This is the event which I wore the nails to. In my opinion, they fit for this concert perfectly!
Definitely recommend that you try these! I got a lot of compliments on my last pair and plan to purchase another print!
— Emily

One thought on “REVIEW: Kiss Nail Dress Strips

  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe it would help if you knew how to put them on. Your suppose to put the round part of the sticker on the tip of your nails not the bottom. If you put them this way they can last about 2 weeks. It also would help them last longer if you put a layer of clear nail polish over them.


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