Products to Remove Glitter Nail Polish!

Hello! So one problem I was having this week was that I could not get my glitter nail polish off. If you’re like me, sometimes you avoid putting on glitter nail polish because you know it’s a hassle to get off.  I was doing some research and here are the top three products for getting off that stubborn glitter.

Left: Formula X’s DELETE Nail Polish Remover- $10.50- This is supposed to effectively get off every type of nail polish. This is a pump so you would need a cotton ball or pad to apply it. It is made without parabens and also received a 5 star review from Sephora.

Middle: Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover For Glitter- $9.50- This also received a 5 star review from Sephora and is made without parabens. This is a remover where you take off the top and stick your finger into the sponge in the container. For really tough nail polish, you can use the additional scrubbing sponge it comes with to wipe off the color.

Right: OPI Natural Nail Base Coat- $8.50- Alright now brace yourself for this product. This is a base coat that you apply under your glitter nail polish, and when its time to remove it all, you just peel it off. I have seen pictures of this and it really did work! This product, I believe, isn’t sold on OPI’s website anymore but you can still get it on Amazon.

Hope this post was helpful! Dust off that glitter nail polish and make your nails shine!
– Emily

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