Travel Guide: Must-See Tourist Spots in Paris!


Hello everyone! I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic this week about traveling so I thought I would share pictures with you from my trip to Paris two a half years ago! I went with a lot of friends because we were studying abroad that semester in Metz, France.

Let me just start by saying that Paris is absolutely stunning. I had been wanting to go for years & was insanely excited pretty much my entire time there. Lol There are so many sites to see, great spots to people watch, & so many delicious treats to try. My personal favorites spots to tour were the:

  • Eiffel Tower– (left pic) This of course this has to be one of my favorites. It is the icon of Paris and the view from the top is insane. My friends and I walked the entire way!
  • Champ de Mars– Had the most surreal moment here of sitting down and eating lunch while looking at the Eiffel Tower.
  • The Louvre– Basically contains everything you can think of in your grade school history books
  • Tuileries Garden– Great place to get some ice cream after spending hours in The Louvre! I got pistachio and loved it!
  • Musee d’Orsay– This museum has some of my all time favorite paintings in it: Renoir’s Bal du moulin de la Galette and Monet’s Poppies at Argenteuil
  • Champs-Elysees– You must go shopping here (or at least window shopping)!
  • Arc de Triomphe– (middle pic) This monument blows me away. It is so majestic & so beautiful. I also find it funny that it’s in the middle of a busy intersection so people are literally just in the middle of the street to take a picture.

For my outfit, I wore a purple open back shirt from JcPenney and my dress is from TJ Maxx! My white purse is from Anne Klein and I’m not sure where my red jacket is from (sorry!).

I hope you all get the chance to visit Paris if you haven’t before!
– Emily

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