REVIEW: The North Face Venure Jacket

Hi everyone! So I am very late on getting on The North Face train but decided that I would try their rain venture jacket! The main reason for this, is because over the summer, my friends and I went to an outdoor event where it started pouring rain. Even though I had a rain jacket on, it did not withhold any of the water and I ended up being soaking wet. Therefore, I needed a new jacket. Haha

The jacket retails for $100 but I got it on sale at an outlet store! You can tell that The North Face puts a lot of time into developing their materials because the fabric is unique and definitely waterproof. I also love the color of this jacket and decided to go for a very bright color because when it rains outside, it’s always gloomy and gray.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this jacket!
P.S. The lipstick I’m wearing is the Maybelline SuperStay 14HR Lipstick in “Forever Fuschia” (read review here.)
– Emily

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