REVIEW: Ciate Caviar Mini Bar Nail Set

Hey everyone! If you shop at Sephora a lot, you have probably see the brand ciate in the store. ciate, in my opinion, is best known for their beads and textured nail polishes. I found one of their kits at TJ Maxx and couldn’t pass it up because it cost only $12. The polishes in the kit are mini sized but that is still a great deal because one full-sized polish cost $15. The kit included 4 regular nail polishes and 4 bottles of beads. Here are my thoughts on the products:
  • Awesome nail polish- drys really quickly, easily layered, doesn’t chip quickly
  • Here’s how I applied the beads: put one coat of the colored nail polish on my nails, poured the beads over my nail (there was a tray under my hand), then put one top coat over it
    • Note that you can’t keep going over the beads with the top coat because the color of the beads will start coming off and smear on your nails
  • It is very convenient that any kit with a bottle of beads contains a funnel. After you pour them out, you definitely want to keep the extras for next time!
  • The beads will stick on your nails for a few days but it is definitely easy to pick them off.

What cute packaging right? Overall, I think this is a fun kit and brand to play with! I don’t think I would wear the beads everyday on my nails, but I do think it’s a fun way to change up your everyday routine. Try it and let me know what you think!
— Emily

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