REVIEW: BaubleBar x Stila Sparkling Rose Gift Set

Hello everyone! Wow I had quite a bit of trouble tracking this package but I am extremely excited to finally be telling you about it! (Read the story at the end of the post and you’ll see. Lol) I ordered the Sparkling Rose Gift Set from BaubleBar for $39 (retail value is $117!). Let me just tell you that every piece in the set is gorgeous! It includes a:

Reading that makes you want to go to BaubleBar right now doesn’t it?
FYI, I will be reviewing the bracelet in my next post & will not be reviewing the Stila lip glaze because I will be including it in a future giveaway (I will say it does have a lot of glitter in it!). But let’s get into the makeup reviews!

Left: Jewel Eye Shadow in Golden Topaz: Gorgeous eyeshadow! I can definitely see myself using this as an everyday eyeshadow, especially in the summer! There is a lot of glitter in it though so I try to only use this right on my eyelid. It’s best to pat this eyeshadow on to get minimal fall out!

Right: Convertible Color Dual Lip & Cheek Cream in Lillium: I love functional products that I can travel with! It is so convenient that this is both a lip color and cheek cream! From my impressions so far, I think I see myself using this more on my cheek than lips! I wish it had a slightly better smell to it too.

Alright here’s the story about me finding my package. On Wednesday, I looked at the USPS website to track my package and it said it was delivered. When I got home, I looked outside and it wasn’t there. After calling USPS three times, I decided on Saturday that I was going to walk in a circle around my house to see if they put it at a different door. After taking a 270 around my house with my grandma and brother, I see paper in the grass and realize that its part of my BaubleBar package. The more we start walking we see that literally my entire package is shredded and all over a part of the lawn. I gather all the pieces and took the picture above. I’ve concluded that a stray dog took the package off my porch. All the items made it out decently except the rose gold pouch and a scratch on my bracelet. 😦 So there you go. Haha

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I definitely recommend getting the gift set! I love it so much!

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