REVIEW: Kat Von D Painted Love Lipsticks!

Hello everyone! I recently discovered that Marshall’s sells discounted high-end makeup products! Last time I went, I found two Kat Von D Painted Love Lipsticks and got soo excited. They are in the shade Celebutard (pale pink) and Stiletto (red). The red shade is unlike any one I own- it is a red-orange tone and perfect for summer! The lipsticks are both creamy and moisturizing but I personally think the red lipstick applied/absorbed better. It was almost a jelly-like feeling whereas the nude lipstick sort of just sat on the top of my lips.

Can we talk about this packaging for a second? Part of the reason I was initially obsessed with these lipsticks is because of the packaging! The flowers are gorgeous and I love that the color shows in the bottom. 

Wow to this lipstick line.

I cannot wait to wear them constantly in the upcoming year! I definitely recommend you check out your local Marshall’s to see if you can snag any deals!

Hope you enjoyed this post!
– Emily

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