COMPARISON: Revlon’s Nail Buffer VS. Trim’s Buffing Block

Hi everyone! Today I will be comparing Revlon’s Nail Buffer with the Trim’s Buffing Block and inform you on which product I think is better. Both products were purchased at Target; Revlon’s buffer was $3 and Trim’s was $2. Here’s what I noticed when comparing the products:

  • The buffing block has four sides which just seems excessive. Sides 1&2 seem basically the same and 3&4 do as well.
  • Both products have about the same “gritty” texture to it
  • Both products do a great job of smoothing the nail surface
  • Revlon’s buffer produces a higher shine on nails than the block
  • Revlon’s buffer is much quicker. It’s only front and back whereas Trim’s block makes you do four steps on each nail

In my opinion, it is clear that the Revlon Nail Buffer is the better option here. It takes only two steps to get shiny, clean nails which is much faster than a four step process any day.

Hope you found this helpful!
– Emily

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