My Top 6 Favorite Bloggers of 2014

Hello everyone! This year I have been incredibly inspired by a handful of different bloggers. They are so creative and original and I just am truly impressed with the pictures they take and the posts they write. My blog went through some changes this year and each blogger I follow influenced a little bit of that change. Here are My Top 6 Favorite Bloggers of 2014.

6. Julia Engel
Blog: Gal Meets Glam:
The way Julia styles her outfits just make them look so effortless but also so chic. All of her clothes look really high quality & she just pairs everything together so well. I learned from her blog that sometimes simple is better.
5. Elise
 Blog: Blush is the New Black:
I really love the way Elise’s blog is laid out. It is organized so well and has both simplicity and color to it. Her pictures all look high quality and I particularly love her fashion posts!
4. Chiara Ferragni

Blog: The Blonde Salad:
Chiara is one of those people that can literally make any outfit look good. She takes beautiful pictures and always looks flawless. She makes me want to find a photographer and take more “model-esque” photos!


3. Estée Lalonde

Blog: Essie Button:

 I was literally checking this blog probably every single day last month. I love that it is full of variety but also has so many moving parts with the slideshow and “greatest hits” section. I found myself thinking of a lot of ideas for my own blog when I looked at hers. I follow Estée on Youtube and she just seems like such a pleasant, fun person. I would love to meet her in real life!

2. Cammy Morrell

Blog: Last of the Moheak:

This girl is very very good at mixing and matching clothes. She puts together so many combinations that I would’ve never thought of. My favorite thing about all of Cammy’s pics is the motion. She’s either walking, flipping her hair, or doing something that just makes her pictures so interesting and alive and I love it! She also captures so many good “zoomed in” shots that I’m trying to do more of myself. This is another blog I looked at everyday last month and it made me really rethink how I want my blog to look.

1. Sarah Dewald

Blog: Lovings By Sarah Dewald:
Sarah’s style is amazinggg and I wish I could dress like her. I look forward to all of her posts on instagram and on her blog because her outfits are so unique but so flowy and light. She is another person who does a great job of incorporating motion into her pictures and they are all just so interesting to look at. Sarah incorporates beautiful backgrounds into her photos as well and my personal favorite are her rooftop photos. Definitely a girl to look out for in the future because I think she will be very successful in the fashion world!

To all of these bloggers, you have been a real inspiration to me this past year! I know you all are working really hard and I hope that my readers will follow all of you after reading this post.
Big thank you to everyone for a great 2014! Excited to see what the new year has in store!


All photos above are owned by their respective owners.

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