DIY Wall Art: Heart of Pictures!

Hello everyone! This weekend, I decided to take a chill night and do some arts and crafts. My main reason for this is because the walls in my room are fairly empty and I needed to put something pretty up on it. I was scanning Pinterest the other day for “room decorations” and this heart of pictures idea came up and I immediately loved it! This was such a cheap project too and cost around $12. Here’s what I did:

1. Select photos: Many retailers have a photo pick up option. Therefore, I went to a store website and uploaded 37 pictures I wanted to use for the heart. I personally picked out pictures that were of memories, inspirations, and quotes.. then picked them up!
2. Arrange: place the pics however you like. I tried to put pictures with the same colors far apart & evenly space out the quotes. To get the pics in the shape of a heart, count the number of pics I used per row & do the same.

3. Tape: Flip each photo over and tape the back of them together. If you want your pics to be spaced out in the heart, then skip this step and tape them individually to the wall (this would take a long time!)

4. Place: After the heart is taped together, use tape, push pins, or command strips to stick it on your wall! My personal choice was the command strips!
I hope you all like the heart I made and enjoy this post! If you decide to make it yourself, then upload an instagram picture and use the hashtag #emsies! I will be sure to like it. 🙂
– Emily

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