DIY: Polka Dot Clock!

Do you have any decorations in your room that could really use a little bit of glitter and color? Well that was my wall clock for me. I decided to change it up one night and add some details to the plain white borders around the clock. All I used to add the dots was different nail polish colors! Here’s how to decorate your clock:
Things you need: 1 clock, 3 nail polish colors

1) Using the first nail polish color, draw a circle and then fill it in. Make sure to not use too much polish so that it doesn’t drip. Space the dots about two inches apart so you have room for the other colors.

2) Do the same technique but with the other two colors. You can also do half circles if you run out of room!
3) When you’re finished painting, let it try for about 15 mins. Then hang it on your wall with a nail!

And voila you are finished! Super easy and super quick project. Send me a picture if you make one!
– Emily

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