Obsessed with Fishtail Braids

Hello everyone! So I’m sure you all have seen the fishtail braid by now. In my opinion, it is one of the prettiest ways to do hair. (Click here to check out Lauren Conrad’s tutorial on how to do your own.)

While playing with my friend’s hair the other day, I decided to add to the fishtail look by incorporating a braid in. Here were the steps:

  1. Start with hair above your ear and begin braiding
  2. Bring the braid all the way across the back of your head
  3. Split the rest of your hair into two sections. Incorporate the hair attached to the braid into one of the sections.
  4. Fishtail the rest of your hair
It was a bit difficult to keep the fishtail tight but I bet it would’ve been better with practice. I think this look or a regular fishtail braid would look beautiful on anyone!
I especially like if people with ombred or colored hair do a fishtail! It is so pretty to have all the colors pieced together.

To sum this up, try out the fishtail! You will get a lot of compliments!
– Emily

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