OOTD: Purple Tights On A Gloomy Day

Anytime it rains, I try to add color to my outfit to bring some brightness into the gray day. This time I decided to do that by using purple tights. See the picture in the middle of the post to see their true color (it looks darker in the pictures above). Here is what I’m wearing in my outfit!

Peacoat: Forever21 |Sweater Dress: Gap |Tights: H&M |Boots: Belk |Purse: Coach

If you are a person that wears neutrals or black a lot, then colored tights are a perfect way for you to change up your outfits! A color like purple will go with some many things without clashing. I believe my tights were only $5 too so it’s definitely affordable.

This was a super easy outfit to wear to go out to eat at a restaurant. One Friday night, I removed the belt and threw on a shiny silver necklace to this outfit and wore it out as well.

Here’s a closer look at my tights, peacoat, and purse.

Hope you liked this post!

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