REVIEW: Splat Hair Chalk

Hello everyone! If you follow my instagram (@emsies_emily) then you know that I just got back from a music festival! Before I left, I tested out some products to see if I wanted to bring them with me or not. I was planning to go for some pink tips like the picture above and tried out the Splat Hair Chalk in the color “Pink Hearts”. This product unfortunately is a thumbs down for me and I’m returning it. Here’s my thoughts on the product:
  • Good price ($5.99 at Ulta)
  • Good strong color payoff
  • Applies easily but messy
  • Color doesn’t set.. the chalk got all over my shirt and kept getting on my hand if I touched the strands
  • Washed out easily
All in all, I would not recommend this product. If you were sweating or your hair was moving around, this chalk would just make a mess on your skin and clothes.
For the festival, I ended up bleaching and dying some strands instead. Lol
Let me know if you have any hair chalk recommendations!
– Emily

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