REVIEW: Suave Luxe Style Infusion Curl Defining Gel Serum

Hello everyone! Who here has curly hair?
If so, I think you are going to love the Curl Defining Gel Serum from the Suave Professionals Luxe Style Infusion line! The product “is a unique formula that combines the conditioning of a serum & the hold of a gel. It provides definition to curls without the stiffness. Experience weightless, luscious curls every day.”I had my best friend Mariana test this product out for me because she has very curly hair (and mine is pin straight!). She applied it on her damp hair, scrunched it, and then let it air dry.Her hair before the product:
Mariana has curly hair that is not always defined. She describes it as looking “stringy” sometimes.Her hair after the product:
She and I were both pleasantly surprised by how well the product worked! It added so much definition to her curls and her hair looked much more bouncy than before.

Note: Mariana mentioned that she does not suggest putting this product near your roots. She applied it there to get rid of frizz but noticed the next day that her hair felt a little oily there. Besides that she felt very positively about this product!If you have curly hair, definitely check out this product! If you would like to see other reviews on products from this line, click here.
– Emily

These products were sent to me by Suave® but all opinions are my own.

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