REVIEW: Essie Nail Polish in "Penny Talk" + Keep

Hello everyone! I have always loved metallic colors so I’m excited to review the Essie nail polish in the color “Penny Talk” for you! It is from the Essie Mirror Metallics Nail Polish Collection.
A neutral metallic to me is such a wearable color. In the bottle, the nail polish is a beautiful coppery color but surprisingly in natural light the polish actually looks a little pinkish. This doesn’t really bother me as the color is still really pretty- I was just surprised it didn’t look copper all the time.
You can find this product at Ulta or other drugstores for around $8.50. I actually purchased mine though through the app called “Keep”. I have been obsessed with this app since August and have gotten my friends hooked on it too. It is similar to Pinterest except it’s only fashion, makeup, and home goods. You can also access Keep by their website (click here). If you “keep” stuff onto your profile, they’ll also e-mail you if the product goes on sale!
Hope you check both of these out!

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