REVIEW: Clubbing Girl Jewelry

 I hope everyone’s Sunday is off to a great start!One way I love to spice it up outfits is by wearing different statement jewelry pieces. I was able to try out some items from Clubbing Girl and love them! Clubbing Girl is currently having a sale that is going on until May 1st where ALL jewelry is on sale for $5.00 each! You also get free shipping if you live in the US! Here’s what I think of each item I tried.

Gold Ring Hand Jewelry
Original Price: $13.99 | Sale Price: $5.00
Thoughts: I love this piece and will definitely be wearing it next time I go to a summer festival or concert. I think it would be a beautiful addition to a laid back white shirt or white dress outfit as well. I wore the hand jewelry out shopping and the cashier complimented me on it when I checked out. This is a piece that your friends are going to be jealous of and looking to buy after seeing it on you!

How it wears:  It’s definitely not a heavy piece. I did adjust the way I tie it though just to make it fit tighter. It moves around a little bit but not enough to wear it annoys me. I also washed my hands with it on and didn’t notice the chain tarnishing or anything.

Gold Rhinestone Snake Cuff Earring
Original Price: $9.99 | Sale Price: $5.00
Thoughts: I immediately liked this piece when I saw it. I think I will have the urge to wear it every time I go out. When my friends saw me wearing it, they commented on how cool it was. Definitely a unique piece.

How it wears: I was a little disappointed at first that the cuff didn’t fit my ear. However, I realized that if I bent the shape slightly then I was able to put it around my ear and into the second ear piercing. It wears comfortably that way.
All in all, I really like the pieces I tried and will be wearing them a lot, especially in the summer! I recommend you checking out the Clubbing Girl jewelry and let me know if you buy the ones I included in the post! Also, Clubbing Girl now carries costumes that are great for Halloween so if you are prepping early for Halloween give those a glance!
– Emily
Thank you to Clubbing Girl for sending me these pieces to try out!

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