Ombre & Balayge Ideas for Dark Hair!

Hello everyone!
Apologies for not blogging last week. I had to take my finals and in the middle of studying for engineering and finance classes, there was just no time for me to blog. However I am back and ready to pump out a ton of blog posts for you guys!
How many of you like changing your hair for the summer? Well I did this last summer and now really want to do it again! I’m going to go for a medium brown balayage look similar to the one in the right picture! Here are other ideas for ways to change your hair in the summer if you have dark hair like me! (Pictures from Pinterest) 
Left: Caramel balayage on Mimi Ikonn
Right: Drastic three color ombre
Left: Pink ombre
Right: Reddish-pink ombre
 Left: Balayage on medium length hair on Lucy Hale
Right: Brown to blonde ombre
 Left: Blonde Balayage
Right: Short three colored ombre
Let me know what look is your favorite! I will definitely post pictures of my hair when I get it done!
– Emily

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