REVIEW: LaCora Monet Lipsticks

Girls, I’m really excited to review the LaCora Monet Lipsticks for you today! These are really pigmented lipsticks that go on smoothly, last several hours, & aren’t drying. The particular shade I tried is called “Fetching” & I love it! I had never tried a bright orange shade before but in my opinion this one was really wearable and perfectly matte! Definitely one that I am going to keep using in the summer! The packaging of these lipsticks is also great- so sleek!

(TIP: If you’re scared of bright colors, you can blot your lips w/ a Kleenex after applying the lipstick to tone down the color slightly. This is what I did when I wore the lipstick to my presentation for a project w/ Home Depot! (Right pic))

You can get the LaCora Monet lipsticks at Krush Boutique for $15-18.They come in a great variety of finishes & colors that you can’t find w/ other brands!

In April, I had the privilege of meeting the the founder of these lipsticks, LaCora Monet (@QueenCor on Instagram) and she was such a sweet and driven person. I really hope you try out her lipsticks- I think you will love them!

Have a fabulous rest of the week!
– Emily

I was given this lipstick to try by LaCora Monet; however, all opinions are my own.

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