Look Like A Million Bucks While Spending Under $50

Hey everyone! My friend requested that I make this post to help her find ways to look like a million bucks without breaking the bank. All the items I picked cost under $50- you can click on the individual pics to buy them! I think this is applicable to anyone especially if you are getting out of college, starting work, or go to a lot of events. Below you can read why I picked each type of clothing.

Look like a million bucks

Chiffon Tops– When my friends’ wear these tops, I always think they look so put together and effortlessly pretty!
Killer Shades– You will create instant jealously from passerbys if you have awesome shades. Everyone will be asking you where you got your pair. I like to go for classic & chic black pairs.
White Trousers– These always  make people look so classy in the spring and summer!
Watches– What does every well dressed person have? A nice watch. I like going for a rose gold or gold toned ones.
Woven Hats– Floppy hats add such a nice extra touch to outfits that you don’t get from other accessories!
Structured Purses– Go for purses that are structured and simple- these look the most chic!

I hope you all found this post helpful! Leave any requests for posts in the comments!
– Emily

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