4th of July: 3 Hairstyles Using a Flag Bandana!

I hope you are as excited for the 4th of July weekend as I am! I will be in Philly celebrating the holiday with one of my friends. A while ago someone gave me an American flag bandana & I try to wear it when I can (since I love it but it’s not your everyday item). That basically means I wear it to outdoor concerts, hiking, & on the 4th of July! If you have an old American headband, then it’s time to pull it back out! Here are three looks featuring it:


Look #1: Flowing in the wind: I love how simple and easy it is to have my hair relaxed and down. When I want to wear the bandana with my hair like this, I find that the easiest way to wear it is to fold it like a triangle, make about one inch folds, place it on my forehead, and then tie it in the back. Sometimes your hair will scrunch up when you do this so I just gently push the hairs back down under the bandana. This pic above is my friend Morgan and I at the Buku Music Festival in NOLA.

Look #2 & #3: Ponytail Updo: Chances are the 4th is going to be hot so what I like to do is put my hair in a high ponytail but then make it cute by using a headband. For the look on the left I put the bandana around the front of my head & tie it in the back under my ponytail. For the look on the right, I bring the bandana around the back of my head & then tie it in the front with the knot slightly to the right. Both are super cute & I just choose which I go with based on if I want to incorporate more blue or red into my outfit.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 11.38.32 PM

I hope you use one of these three looks in your 4th of July outfit! If you do, tag me in your pic on instagram (@emsies_emily)! Have a great holiday!

❤ Emily

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