Music Festival Makeup Inspiration!

FullSizeRenderHi girls! I hope you have a music festival on your summer bucket list! One of the things I love about music festivals is that you can be as creative as you want and wear looks that you wouldn’t wear anywhere else. I’m always looking for ways to switch up my makeup before the next concert I go to. Above is one of my favorite looks because it’s bright and super quick to do. I use a white waterproof liquid eyeliner! Below are pics of makeup inspiration for your next festival look as well as a beauty tip!
Desktop1TIP: Alright so at the last festival I attended (BUKU in NOLA), I realized that I left my white eyeliner at home. Because I wanted to still draw dots on my face I dug through my makeup bag for something else I could use. I realized that the lip stain I brought with me would do the job and it actually stayed on my face the whole day! Now, the product is made for your lips and not your skin; however, I figured putting it on my face for one day wasn’t going to kill me so I went for it. You can do this too if you forget a makeup item at home or if you want to create a look but don’t want to go buy a new 1 (2)I hope this post was helpful! Happy dancing. ❤

– Emily

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