OOTD: NYC Hudson River Park


Hello everyone! Two weekends ago, my friend Isabella and I explored Greenwich Village in NYC and it was so perfect! The weather was amazing and the view of the water and skyscrapers made me literally want to jump up and down. I have concluded that I seriously need to live in NYC for part of my life at some point. We started at the Chelsea Market, went to Hudson River Park, had a picnic by the water, went to the World Trade Memorial, and then got a glass of sangria in the afternoon. It was the perfect day!

For my outfit, I wanted something comfortable and light because I didn’t want to be sweating but also knew that NYC always means a lot of walking. I also loved that my chiffon tank had subtle lace detail on the front- simple but not boring! Here are the details on my outfit:

Top: Marshalls | Shorts: H&M | Sandals: Belk | Sunglasses: Free People | Canvas Bag: Forever21 (similar one here) | Lipstick: La Cora Monet Lipstick in “Fetching”





The rest of our day in NYC————————————————————————————————————-


The World Trade Memorial was seriously amazing. What an incredibly well-constructed & well-designed memorial- I was blown away. I could not help but stare and just embrace being at the two spots where the towers stood. I couldn’t really say anything while we were there because I felt like anything I would say would be cheesy or just wouldn’t fit with the moment of us remembering that day. I highly recommend visiting this memorial.


In the afternoon, Isabella and I had scheduled hair appointments for ourselves at the Lifestyle Hair Salon NYC at 822 Broadway. We were thinking about cutting our hair for a while since it had been so freaking hot the weekends we traveled together. I love our cuts!


After walking all day, Isabella and I passed a sign in front of Salam, a Middle Eastern & Moroccan restaurant, that said there was $6 sangria so we both agreed that that sounded amazing and stopped by. We sat outside and have conversations about life and I just loved every minute of it.

I hope you all get the chance to explore NYC in the next coming months beforE it gets cold again! Tell me your favorite spots in the city in the comments below!

❤ Emily

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