REVIEW: Lee Stafford Ubuntu Oils from Africa Hair Line!

DSC08208Hello everyone! I’m excited to review for you a brand new hair line! It is the Lee Stafford Ubuntu Oils Hair Line which can be found at Ulta (in stores and online). This line was designed by Lee Stafford who is an award winning British hairstylist!

About the Line: “‘Ubuntu’ is an ancient African word meaning kindness [and] the product line was named for the healing properties of the African oils used, sourced from indigenous African fruits.” The products use 4 unique oil types (Baobab, Mafura, Marula, & Mongongo) to “pamper, repair, and restore hair”.

The line features 8 products:


What I think about the products:

  1. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the packaging of these products.. I’m obsessed with pink items so I loved adding these products to my bathroom.
  2. I love that the products have a fruity scent to them but it’s not overpowering.
  3. My hair definitely feels healthier after using this line and the products don’t leave residue in your hair.


My Favorite Products

My favorite products from the line are the DSC08085Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner and the Moisturizing Hair Butter. All three of these are used in the shower which makes it super convenient for me. The Shampoo & Conditioner make my hair feel really healthy and clean and it seems like I can go longer without my hair getting oily than with other brands. I use the Moisturizing Hair Butter once a week as a hair mask and it makes my hair feel so moisturized! All three of these products combined though has made my hair shinier than it’s ever been (shown right)! I was blown away by the results!

I definitely suggest you try out these products! I love the way they make my hair look!

❤ Emily

Thank you to Lee Stafford for providing me with the hair products in this post. All opinions are my own.

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