Decorate with Daisy Decor!

DSC08332Hi girls! I just moved back to Atlanta because I start school this week! My friends and I got a house and it has been so much fun decorating it. I have a lot of shelves in my room so I decided to make one really girly and slightly inspirational. Lol I framed these Daisy Decor printables and love the way they look! To fill the shelf, I also added flower crowns, a picture of my best friends and I in Paris (to go with the ‘bonjour’ art), and an Ikea lamp.

DSC08314 DSC08309I love how colorful these printables are. They add the perfect touch of girliness. For $3, you can buy the jpg file from Daisy Decor on Etsy! If you don’t want to print and frame pictures yourself, then you can also order their wall art. If you like the printables above though, here is where you can find them: 1) ‘Bonjour’ printable, 2) ‘She believed’ printable.

I hope you check out the Daisy Decor shop if you’re planning to decorate your room soon!
❤ Emily

Thank you to Daisy Decor for providing me with the printables. All opinions are my own.

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