6 Sephora Products You Need To Know About!


Hello everyone! I’ve been gathering a list of Sephora products in my head for the last few weeks that I’ve been wanting to tell you all about! These are products that you need in your life or are so unique that I had to share! Let’s get into it!

Top row:
Bite Beauty Line & Define Lip Primer– $22- “This product contains lauroyl lysine and silica to lock in moisture and seal color on the lips. The tip of the pencil can be sharpened using the built-in [sharpener].” This product is 100% natural and keeps your lipstick from running! You will never have to match lip liners again because this lip liner can be used under every color!

Fresh Rice Sake Bath– $48 for 6.8 oz- “38% real sake for an unparalleled sensorial experience [that will] detoxify, soften, and even skintone”. I was recommended this by a Sephora employee and she said that it is super relaxing! It smells really great but doesn’t produce bubbles. It is also adult use only so don’t let your kids try it!

Beauty Blender– $20- The beauty blender is designed to not absorb makeup so you can use less product with every application. It also applies your makeup streak-free and feels amazing on your skin! The first time I felt a beauty blender “full” from being soaked in water, I could definitely see what all the hype has been about because it was so soft.

Bottom Row:
St. Tropez In Shower Gradual Tan– $25- Winter is coming and if you want to keep your tan, this gradual shower tan is perfect!  You apply it daily in the shower and rinse it off after three minutes. I couldn’t believe this existed when I first heard about it. It doesn’t streak or transfer onto your clothes and is made from 100% natural DHA and sweet almond oil. It is also great for all skintones.

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer– $30- I wanted to mention this matte bronzer because I’ve been using it so much lately as a “fast contour”. I use my Tarte Slenderizer Brush to apply it and I’m done in 20 seconds! I love it!

Kat Von D Five Fearless Years Limited Edition Tattoo Liner– $24-  This is an amazing long lasting and waterproof eyeliner. Now though, “if you purchase this limited edition version, then Kat Von D Beauty will donate $1 USD to the California Wildlife Center [for every sale], with a goal to raise $100,000.”

Hope you all decide to try some of these products out!

❤ Emily

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