Mirina Collections Statement Necklaces + Promo Code


If you love statement necklaces and jewelry then you are going to love Mirina Collections’ pieces! I am excited to be a brand ambassador for them and am blown away by how beautiful the necklace I ordered from them is! I picked the Hailey Necklace in gold ($149) which is handcrafted and made with real Swarovski crystals. You can still get this necklace in a stacked set or in gun metal black.


I don’t typically go for flashy necklaces but I loved challenging myself with finding ways to make it very wearable. My favorite way to wear this necklace is with shirts that have a high collar. The bottom left pic is me pairing the necklace with a turtle-neck inspired lace top and the right picture is the necklace over a regular white collared shirt. I love both of these looks!





I highly recommend Mirina Collections jewelry! They are serious show stoppers. If you would like to purchase something, be sure to use my coupon code “emilyd20” to get 20% off your order!

Also, special thanks to Hannah Lozano for being my photographer! She is amazing! (Hannah’s Website link here, e-mail: hello@hannahmichellephoto.com, instagram: @hannahmichellephoto).

❤ Emily

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