Tomorrowworld Recap + OOTD!

IMG_5600Hello everyone! So I was sitting around on a Thursday afternoon and realized that for some reason, I never blogged about Tomorrowworld! For those of you that don’t know, Tomorrowworld “is a large electronic music festival held in [September in] Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia” and is organized by the same people who organize Tomorrowland in Belgium! I had been wanting to go to Tomorrowworld for over 2 years and had the best time of my life this year! I wanted to share with you pictures from my experience as well as details on what I wore for Saturday of the festival since it was my favorite outfit!


The weather at the festival basically included rain the whole time. Lol I absolutely hate mud but was proud of myself for getting over it for the most part. But as you can see, my shoes still got fairly muddy. It was still warm enough in September to wear festival clothes so I really wanted to wear my new crop top that has the perfect amount of detail on it! Here are details on what I wore:

Crop top: American Eagle | Vest: Marshall’s | Shorts: Forever21 | Boots: Baker’s | Lipstick: La Cora Monet Lipstick in “Fetching” | Glitter Revlon Photoready Eye Art
IMG_5714IMG_5716IMG_5827Lol to our totem poles. So many people would come up to us as and ask if they could snap a pic with the poles. “The worst thing about prison, was the dementors!” <– My favorite quote from Prison Mike. Lol Also, at the festival my friends and I sported a lot of flash tatoos! You can see a little anchor on me in the picture above. Click here to see my review on them.

The whole festival, I made sure to film a lot of footage so that I could make my own aftermovie! After hours of editing, here is the finished video!

IMG_5742DSC08754IMG_5637DSC08744Did you guys know that Shaquille O’Neal is a DJ now? He goes by DJ Diesel & we saw his set! Never did I think I was going to see Shaq in person but gosh he was huge. LolIMG_5645IMG_5850DSC08727IMG_5702

If you like electronic music at all, I highly recommend you go to Tomorrowworld! There is nothing like it! Hands down the best festival I’ve ever been to. In general, I love going to festivals because they make me feel so young and alive and you meet so many amazing and nice people from all over the world.

“This is your life, make every second legendary.”
❤ Emily

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