Instagram RoundUp! (Nov 2015)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! First off, I want to say that I am loving the new wordpress update! Being able to build photo mosaics in two seconds gets a “heck yes” from me! Secondly, this is my first instagram round up! I really just wanted to do this post to provide you with a lot of links that I’m not able to post due to instagram’s structure. Let’s get into what my pics are!

Column 1:

  • Adult Hot Cocoa: Last weekend, my friends and I got together for Friendsgiving! My friend Hannah made the cutest parting gift for everyone which was a adult hot cocoa to go! Here is a simple guide to make these!
  • Tomorrowworld: These colorful balloons are from Tomorrowworld, an edm music festival I went to back in September! See my event recap and OOTD here.
  • Vans Snapback: I recently bought and wore this Vans hat to a B.O.B. concert and I love it! I’ve been wanting my own snapback for about two years now. Lol Here is the same hat but with a burgundy, blue, and black bill. It cost between $16-20.

Column 2:

  • Blue Donkey: I always love getting Blue Donkey Coffee when they come to my school’s farmers market! You can find this brand at multiple pop-up locations in Georgia or get their coffee from their site. I recommend the Four65, Light, and Pumpkin flavors!
  • Sephora: My parents sent me this lovely picture of a Sephora store in Paris during their last trip there. So pretty right?
  • Lucky Shades: I have been in love with these sunglasses. They mimic the Rayban Clubmasters but were way cheaper.

Column 3:

  • Macbook: I recently got the Macbook 13′ retina display laptop and love it! I also got a pink case and keyboard cover for only $14 on Amazon and I love how girly my computer is now. Lol When studying at my boyfriend’s apartment Saturday, I tried his Audio Technica headphones and they were great for listening to music with!
  • Burger T: I have been sleeping a lot in my burger t-shirt & it is so comfy & silly- so great! It’s $13 from Target!

I hope you liked my first instagram round up post! Leave me a link to yours if you’ve made one as well!
❤ Emily

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