Dry Shampoo: Best to Worst List!


Hello everyone! The other day I realized that I have tried a lot of dry shampoos so far & that it was pretty clear that I have certain preferences over certain brands. I wanted to share my rankings of dry shampoos from the best to worst & tell you my thoughts on each product!

  1. Batiste Dry Shampoo (Original) – $5.99- This is my favorite dry shampoo I’ve tried so far! It’s easy to work into my hair, doesn’t leave excess powder in my hair, and leaves my hair smelling great for the longest duration compared to other brands.
  2. Got2b Rockin’ It Dry Shampoo– $6.49- This dry shampoo is also great but the only down side being that it takes more work than #1 to rub into your hair and to get rid of the powder. Overall still awesome results though- just a little more work.
  3. Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo– $4.79- This is a great dry shampoo- just not as effective as the first two.
  4. Dove Invigorating Dry Shampoo– $5.82- This dry shampoo definitely makes my hair feel clean but the only thing I don’t like is that it almost acts like a texturizer too.
  5. TRESemme Fresh Start Basic Care Dry Shampoo– $4.99- This is definitely my least favorite dry shampoo by a lot. Yes it smells great but it leaves my hair feeling sticky and not clean. Really don’t like this one. Lol

I hope this post was helpful if you’re on the search for new dry shampoo brands!
❤ Emily

2 thoughts on “Dry Shampoo: Best to Worst List!

    • emilydong3 says:

      Hi Arthur! I would recommend a hair mask for you to make your hair more moisturized! Two great ones are the Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Mask and the Aussie Three Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner! Both are available at grocery stores and are used in the shower!


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