My Favorite Bloggers of 2015!

Something that I absolutely love, is feeling inspired. I am always looking for new bloggers to follow and get ideas from. There are a couple of blogs that I find myself checking multiple times a week so I wanted to share them with you today! These bloggers are so unique and I absolutely love their style!

388A1192-26. Luanna Perez-Garreaud


When I think of Luanna, I think of how fearless she is. Her style is so edgy and urban and involves so many pieces that I wouldn’t have thought to put together such as leather leggings, knee high socks, beanies, etc. Her fire red ombre hair is also stunning and truly makes her stand out!

PoorLittleItGirlEdits-845. Cathy Anderson

Blog: Poor Little It Girl:

Cathy is the queen of mid-length skirts. She is always rocking the most put together looks! Her style is so feminine and chic and she seems like a person who would just light up a room. Her skin is flawless and her hair color is so light and beautiful, I’m constantly jealous of it and the way she styles it! She looks so pretty in every picture!

323B0812-865x5774. Zoe Sugg

Blog: Zoella:

You may know Zoe from her Youtube channel, Zoella. This blogger is very famous, has won multiple awards including a Teen’s Choice Award, & launched her company Zoella Beauty in 2014. She is only 25 years old and needless to say, is incredibly successful & inspirational. I am always checking her blog because for her style posts, she poses in such unique but simple ways! I always find inspiration from her!

cammy-morrell.jpeg3. Cammy Morrell

Blog: Salty California:

Cammy made my list of favorite bloggers for last year (see post here) and is on it again for the same reasons! Her photos are truly unique and she incorporates so much motion into her pictures! She’s always doing hair flips, twirling, or walking and it makes amazing shots! I love her truly California style!

2880634_orig2. Sarah Dewald


Sarah also made my favorites list last year! Her style is impeccable and it’s clear that she knows exactly how to work in front of the camera. I love the backgrounds in her pictures as well as the filter/color on her pictures! I wish that I dressed like her! She really fits with the Urban Outfitters vibe and I love it!

gal-meets-glam-express-sept5gmgshopbop-59651. Julia Engel

Blog: Gal Meets  Glam:

Julia Engel’s closet is to die for. I have recommended her blog to so many of my friends as they transition out of college into the young adult life where they have to dress a little bit nicer than they do right now. Julia is incredibly feminine and I always look forward to her posts. She posts almost daily and almost every post involves a partnership with a different brand. Her blog is incredibly high quality and her pictures truly capture the details in her clothing.

To every blogger in this post, thank you for inspiring me throughout 2015! I’m always trying to develop new ideas and concepts for my blog and everyone of you have shaped the way I create content! I look forward to your posts and success in 2016!

❤ Emily

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