Beanie Girl Now

I don’t know why, but lately I have been loving the way beanies look on people and I’ve been trying to become more of a beanie girl myself! With the upcoming cold weather, beanies are the perfect way to stay cute and warm! If you’re looking for a new beanie, then check out my favorites below!

Top Row:
1. H&M: $12.99: This is the beanie I’m wearing! Honestly, it was a little itchy at first but it should be more comfortable once I wash it! Love that the color matches everything!
2. H&M: $9.99: Maroon looks great with any skin tone!
3. Urban Outfitters: $24.00
4. American Eagle: $14.97

Bottom Row:
5. American Eagle: $14.97
7. Aeropostale: $2.99: Get this beanie on sale now!
8. Urban Outfitters: $65: Love the ombre effect on this one!
Which one is your favorite?
❤ Emily

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