Blogger Bloopers

If any blogger tells you that they use all the pictures from their shoots, then they’re lying. I was going through old pictures and found so many “bloopers” that I thought what better way to do a year-end recap then by doing a bloopers blog post and by laughing at myself! Most of my issues when it comes to taking pictures is that I’m usually talking or blinking. I’ve linked the finished blog posts in case you want to see how the posts actually came out. Lol I hope you enjoy the following pics of me looking silly!

Street Style Florals
Photographer: Diane Lin


A Little Bit of Sparkle
Photographer: Diane Lin
I feel like I look like I’m just freezing in this picture. Lol

Casual Monday
Yeah hair flips are not my friend.

Dark Florals
This is my best friend & I trying to do a “we finished the shoot!” photo.. describes us well. Lol


Dogs & Faux Fur
Anytime you shoot with a dog, you are bound to have a lot of unusable pictures because the dog isn’t paying attention.

Afternoon On The Roof

Photographer: Paola Lopez
Sometimes bloopers aren’t your fault and instead come from a person who gets in your shot.. and then does it again.. and again.

Urban Edge
Photographer: Diane Lin
More blinking *le sigh*

Sometimes your pics that you try to shoot are so bad that you can’t even make a post out of it. Lol This was an attempt at a post that never made it up on the blog.

Shorts and Sweet
Looks like I’m doing the robot, but I think I was trying to grab my hair or the camera.. not really sure. Lol


Party Night
These were twirling attempts that just didn’t make the cut. I also was shooting these pics by myself and you can see the remote in my hand. Haha fail.

Poncho Kind of Day
I got into a twirling phase with all of my pictures at one point and this first pic was a twirling fail. Haha And the second pic was me talking again.

A Weekend In Louisville
Like I said, if you shoot with a dog, you will have bloopers.


I hope you all enjoyed this post! Thank you to everyone who has supported my blog, read my posts, taken photos for me, mentioned to me that you follow my blog, etc. It means the world to me! Here’s to another year of blogging, creativity, and working with phenomenal people!
❤ Emily

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