REVIEW: Beauty Blender

Hello everyone! If you follow my instagram (@emsies_emily), then you know that last month I bought my first beauty blender and was thrilled to try it out! There has always been so much hype about this product and I am finally jumping on the beauty blender bandwagon. People say that the Beauty Blender changes your life and I have to agree that this product is amazing! I don’t think I’m going to use anything else for a while.IMG_6816.jpg

To use the product, all you have to do is squeeze it under a faucet and you can visually see it expand. The beauty blender is made from a unique material that absorbs water but doesn’t drip (unless you squeeze it out).DSC08983.JPG

Below left: Beauty Blender before placing under faucet, Below Right: After placing under faucet

The design of the beauty blender allows you to really cover hard to reach spots such as under the eyes and around your nose which may be hard to reach with a brush.

Here are my final before and after photos that I took when I applied my Tarte BB Tinted Treatment with my Beauty Blender!

I absolutely love the finish I get with the Beauty Blender! I feel like my skin glows and looks more moisturized compared to when I apply my foundation with my fingers or with a brush. I highly recommend you try this product!


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