Are We Out of the Woods?


Hey everyone! This weekend was a three day weekend due to MLK day and my friend Harry invited a lot of people up to his cabin in Elberton, GA for the weekend! It was really fun to meet a lot of people, sit by the fire, and walk through the woods! My friend Rachel and I decided to snap some photos of the outfit so you can see what we wore while at the cabin!


My OutfitDSC09282.jpg

I’m really glad I layered up for the cabin trip! I kept getting hot and cold because sometimes I’d spend time by the fire and other times I would be inside. I took pictures of basically every variation I had of my outfit. I definitely recommend wearing layers if you’re going to a cabin! Also, I really loved the way my crocheted shirt looked inside my flannel jacket!

Top: H&M | Plaid Jacket: Marshalls (similar style here) | Green Jacket: GAP | Pants: GAP | Boots: Mossimo | Beanie: H&M (on sale!) | Sunglasses: Free People

DSC09307DSC09317.jpgDSC09309DSC09273DSC09223Shoutout to my friend Harry for capturing this picture with the donut! The donut is from Bon Glaze in Brookhaven and I highly recommend you try out their treats!DSC09301

Rachel’s Outfit
I loveee the way Rachel dresses. She finds the most unique thrift store pieces and her style has a very “laidback” and earthy look to it! Here’s what she’s wearing for her outfit:DSC09269

Top: Goodwill | Jacket: Psycho Sisters (similar style here and here) | Jeans: Goodwill (similar one here) | Hat: Urban Outfitters (on sale!) | Socks: Forever21

DSC09265Let’s take a moment to appreciate how amazing Rachel’s ombre looks in this pic!DSC09270DSC09303.jpg


All in all, Rachel and I had such a relaxing trip in the woods! It definitely was a great opportunity to spend time outdoors and to get to know each other better!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Shout out to my friend Joe for shooting these photos and to Rachel for agreeing to be in this post! Come back on Tuesday to see my men’s fashion blog post on what to wear to a cabin weekend!
❤ Emily

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