Men’s Fashion: What To Wear To Cabin Weekend

DSC09490If you saw my last post (linked here), then you know that my friend Harry invited a lot of people and I to his cabin in Elberton, GA for the weekend! It was great to make new friends, tell stories around the fire, and go on walks through the woods. I was curious to see what guys wear for cabin weekend so that’s how the idea for this post came about! I hope this gives you ideas of what to pack for your own trip if you’re going to the woods or mountains soon! Shout out to all the studs who let me take their photograph for this post!DSC09395

Harry sported this Cabela’s shirt jacket for the evening while he chopped down some trees (casual). It is the perfect item to throw over a t-shirt when the day starts getting chilly. I personally love the way this jacket looks with the flannel on the interior. You can find Harry’s shirt here and a similar one here (both on sale!)DSC09330.jpg

Diego wore this flannel hoodie while being outside for pretty much the entire day. It’s awesome that this shirt comes with a hood so that it’ll keep you warmer than a regular flannel shirt. You can find a similar one here and here. Also, doesn’t he look like he came out of the Levi’s commercial where they throw the football? Lol

A great way to to add some warmth to a flannel shirt is to layer it with a cozy sweater. I really liked the way Plunkett’s sweater complimented the color of his flannel! The buttons on the sweater also make it easy to layer and look casual! Plunkett basically brought his whole collection of beanies to the trip and sported his earthy striped one on this particular day.DSC09409DSC09407

A tribal shirt is the perfect alternative to flannel! It looks great over a t-shirt or henley tee. I personally loved the one that Joe was wearing and thought it was really unique and outdoorsy.DSC09258DSC09259

A vest is the perfect way to add some extra warmth during the day when it’s not quite cold enough for a full on jacket. Harrison sported this Patagonia Vest while exploring the woods, almost falling in a creek, and playing fetch with his adorable boxer, Sampson.


Nothing screams comfort like a henley tee. Matt wore this long sleeve, blue one during cabin weekend. These types of shirts go really well with sweatpants or jeans and are great for loungewear (or for climbing trees like Matt did after this picture).DSC09480DSC09481

A great way to add a hipster touch to your outfit is by wearing floral sneakers. Brad wore these awesome, colorful Vans (found here) while at the cabin! You can find similar ones here, herehere, and here.DSC09402DSC09403

Winter weather calls for outerwear. The hoodie that Trey is wearing would be perfect for keeping warm inside and outside the cabin. Joey’s jacket has a great contrast of the grey and brown colors and also looks like it’s made from a high quality material. You can find Joey’s jacket in a different color here and a similar style here.IMG_7945

Caleb sported a white beanie on the trip & the great thing about the color is that it’ll match any outfit!IMG_7947

If all else fails and you still don’t know what to wear to cabin weekend after reading this post, then just grow out a big beard and you’ll have the perfect outdoorsy look!IMG_7953-0


A huge thank you goes to all of the guys in this post! I had so much fun shooting pics of all of you! To all of my readers, I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful!
❤ Emily

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