REVIEW: ExfoliMATE Magic Body Exfoliating Cloth

Hey everyone! I want to tell you all about a product that took me by surprise! It is the ExfoliMATE Magic Body Exfoliating Cloth from Green Heart Labs! Green Heart Labs has a motto that says “Nature First, Results Always” and that speaks to their belief “that everyone should have access to natural skincare products that really work.” Their exfoliating cloth is something that I will be using everyday in my shower now! It is made “with softer fibers and [a] special weave pattern for a smoothing microdermabrasion effect.” You can find this product here for $14.99 but first read my thoughts about it!

This product:

  • exfoliates extremely well
  • makes my skin incredibly smooth (way more than a loofah does)
  • isn’t too abrasive
  • lathers soap well
  • seems to not hold soap suds as well as a loofah so I had to put body wash on it an extra time during the shower
  • allows you to reach tough spots like your back


Overall, I really enjoy using this product! It is pricey for just being a cloth so I don’t plan to repurchase if mine ever breaks (which I doubt it will!). If you do decide to get this exfoliating cloth though, I think you’ll really like!

❤ Emily

Thank you to Green Heart Labs for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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