How I Curl My Hair


_MG_5551Hello everyone!! Hope your February is off to a good start! I was looking through some old pictures and realized that I never shared with you all how I curl my hair! I have never been a girl who wants to spend extended amount of time on her hair so by simply using two products, I am able to style my hair in under 15 minutes!

I start by using the Lee Stafford Ubuntu Oils Heat Protection Spray ($12.99 at Ulta) and this protects my hair from the heat of the curling iron and makes my hair smell so good too! Once I give that a second to dry, I use the Remington T-Studio Silk Ceramic 1″ Curling Wand ($26 at Walmart) to make the curls! This iron has many heat settings and allows me to quickly form curls! It also comes with a heat protecting glove! I bought this because I lost my Conair Infiniti Wand and was trying to buy a new one but couldn’t find it in the store. I still think I prefer the Conair over the Remington wand just because the Conair makes the curls last a little longer (see my review here). However, I definitely plan to keep using the Remington until it breaks or I lose it lol.

How do you curl your hair?
❤ Emily

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