REVIEW: Premier Dead Sea Skincare!

DSC09855DSC09846.jpgHey girls! A few weeks ago I went to a Mask Monday Party with Premier by Dead Sea Premier. The company’s philosphy “is run on the principle that nature and science combined make luxurious skincare. The purest ingredients taken from nature to unlock the full potential.” The ingredients for this brand all come from the Dead Sea which I think is super unique! These products are also gorgeous and go beautifully in any bathroom (example in next pic). Check out all the products that I got to test below! Premier was also kind enough to provide you all with a promo code! Use “YTB20” to get  20% off of your next purchase online!


PRESTIGE Miracle Noir MaskDSC09860.jpgThis is hands down the coolest mask I’ve ever tried. You apply it to your skin and then take it off with a magnet (wrapped in a paper towel). You’re probably thinking “what??” like me lol. It leaves an oil on your skin after you remove the mask and I massaged this oil into my skin. I was expecting it to make me break out or to make my skin super oily but the next day my skin was super soft and my dry patches were definitely reduced. I would recommend doing this mask at night since the oil would be difficult to put makeup over in my opinion. This mask smells minty and wonderful and also comes with the magnet included. LOVE this mask.

Cashmere Collection:

DSC09863SUPREME Aromatherapy Remedies Salt Scrub & SUPREME Body SouffleI love this salt scrub! I basically use it every other shower. It looks like its only salt but actually has some moisturizing oils in the container! I typically have really gray elbows and this helps me make them look more moisturized and like my actual skin color lol. This product smells like luxury and has a very clean smell to it!

SUPREME Body Souffle
The body souffle is definitely a moisturizing lotion and is also quick absorbing. However, it is quite expensive so I don’t believe that I will be repurchasing this. It does smell wonderful though and I will definitely be using all of it.



It was lovely to hang out with the Premier team and other bloggers as well! Give the Premier Instagram a follow and all of these ladies a follow too: Yorubadgirl, Woven Blends, India Lyn Rose.  Let me know if you try any of these products out!
❤ Emily

Thank you to Premier Dead Sea for sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

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