Instagram Round Up (March 2016)

Hey everyone! The last time I did an Instagram round up was in November! I decided to do another to tell you all where you can find the items that I posted in the past on my instagram! My obsession with this app still hasn’t died down and it’s been almost a year of this obsession.. haha Love it so much. Let’s get into the pics!

#1: Bieber Birthday: My bff Morgan & I took this pic for promoting our Justin Bieber Birthday Party.. yes you read that right. Unfortunately Justin didn’t show up. Get your own toilet roll of Justin here.
#2: Latte Art: I am constantly drinking coffee & love studying at Revelator Coffee. See my full review of the coffee shop on my Atlanta blog here.
#3. Backpack: I’ve been obsessed with Morgan’s Michael Kors Backpack since the day she got it! Definitely going to get one soon.
#4. Pizza blanket.. enough said.
#5. Cheetah: I love that my Vans snapback has so much attitude to it & the perfect touch of girliness. Find a similar one here.
#6. Lashes: Marc Jacobs’ new Velvet Noir Mascara has been all the rage. See my review on it here.
#7: Floppy Hat: I love this floppy hat from Madewell so much. Unfortunately they don’t sell it anymore but you can find similar ones here & here. See full outfit post here.
#8: Flower Crowns: It’s festival season which is the perfect time to sport your new flower crown. Find ones like mine here & here. See the full outfit post here.
#9: Sunglasses: Two words- Free People. Find these sunglasses here.

I made a “day in the life” video and if you haven’t seen it, click here.

That’s all for now. Peace out girlies and have a wonderful week!
❤ Emily

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