Emily Travels: Napa Valley


Dress: (similar one here) | Boots: Urban Outfitters | Bookbag: Forever21 | Sunglasses: Free People | Nails: Kiss (recommend buying glue separately!)

Many of you know, but I just returned from a trip to San Francisco (see recap post #1 here). While I was there, my friends and I really wanted to explore Napa Valley and man was it beautiful! There are over 600 vineyards and with all the hills, you are bound to have amazing views! We went to a winery called “Artesa” and there are details about that below. Here are some tips if you’re going to Napa soon!

  • Most people dress up a bit so avoid wearing things like t-shirts and flip flops
  • Do one tour if you like learning about the production of wine! Doing multiple tours though would get redundant and boring in my opinion.
  • If you want to drink a few glasses of wine, buy the bottle at the wineries and skip the tastings. We did a tour/ tasting and it didn’t add up to a glass of wine (lol).
  • Try to book a day or half day tour in advance so that you have transportation from SF to Napa covered as well as from winery to winery. We used ubers and the price can add up pretty quickly.

Napa is definitely a great place to getaway from the city and hangout with your friends! I most likely will be back soon! See below for outfit details and learn about the winery we went to!IMG_0597.jpg

For my outfit, I went for a dress because it’s the fastest way to look put together in my opinion. I didn’t want to carry a bookbag originally but did anyways because we brought some snacks with us and a blanket!IMG_0571.jpgDSC01634.jpg

Artesa Winery
We spontaneously chose this winery and it was absolutely beautiful! It’s on the top of a hill and has amazing views. We liked almost all the wines that we try and did a tour/ tasting for $30. The tasting included 5 different wines but like I mentioned it was a really small amount of wine!IMG_0562.jpgDSC01639.jpgIMG_0568.jpgDSC01662.jpg

This barrel room cracked us up so much and that’s because they play a recording of a monk singing when the winery is open. I was not convinced it was a recording and thought there was just a monk hiding somewhere. Lol They play the voice of monks for good fortune because this winery is owned by the same company that originally began a winery in Barcelona. That winery in Spain is located next to a monastery so there are always monks singing.DSC01658.jpgIMG_0569.jpgIMG_0574.jpgDSC01640.jpgDSC01681.jpgIt was such an incredible day and we had a great time sipping wine and meeting people! What wineries do you recommend in Napa?
❤ Emily

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