6-Step Hair Tutorial: Summer Wedding Guest

DSC01180.jpgGirls everywhere! Have you ever seen hair looks on Pinterest that seem really difficult? Well next time you want to pass on a look because it seems too hard, just stop the thoughts and try! That’s exactly what happened when I did my friend Kelsie’s hair for her sorority formal! Since most formals are over this time of year, I decided to still teach you all this look because it could be applicable for if you’re going to a wedding this summer and want to make your hair look fancy! It only takes a few steps and only requires 4 products: A 1/2 inch curling wand (I recommend the conair one!), bobby pins, clear elastics, and hairspray! Let’s get into it!

Step 1:
Begin by brushing out all the hair. Next take inch wide sections and curl them using the curling wand! Kelsie’s hair has troubling holding curl so once I finished each third of her hair, I sprayed it with the hairspray. Can we take a moment to admire how golden and beautiful Kelsie’s hair is??

Step 2:
Next take the front sections of hair and french braid them like shown below. Secure the bottom with a clear elastic.DSC01174.jpg
Repeat the process on the other side until you have hair that looks like this:DSC01173.jpg

Step 3:
Take the two strands of braided hair and cross them together (the way you do when you start to tie a bow).DSC01177.jpg

Step 4:
Tuck the braid that came out on top of the criss cross into one of the braids (shown in bottom left photo).

Step 5: 
Next, remove the clear elastic from one braid, and re-tie the elastic as close as possible to the crisscross. This is so that you can hide the elastic under the criss cross (shown in the bottom right photo). Do this for the other braid. For extra stability, bobby pin the centimeter above the elastics to your head.

Step 6:
Hairspray all the hair to make the look last and voila! you’re done! Easier then you thought it’d be wasn’t it?dsc01181dsc01183

This look is so pretty right?? We were both in love with it! I think this really would be perfect for attending a summer wedding! I had so much fun hanging out with Kelsie while I did her hair and makeup- she is literally a ball of sunshine and makes me laugh so hard! Thanks Kelsie for letting me put you on my blog. 🙂

Hope you all liked this look!
❤ Emily

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