REVIEW: When Gel Masks

Girls, I am finally done with my degree in industrial engineering!! I finished my last exam & presentation yesterday & it still hasn’t hit me that it’s over! Nights full of studying definitely call for relaxing & pampering. Last night I watched hours of Netflix & edited some videos; tonight I’m going to try to pamper myself a little bit.
IMG_0799.JPGHave you ever treated yourself to a mask at night that was made from a sheet-like material? Well there’s a new best thing & it’s gel masks! These are jelly-like, cooling, & feel more moisturizing than regular sheet masks! A brand of gel masks that I have really been enjoying is When! Their masks are only $7 & includes an all-natural bio-cellulose sheet that is made from coconuts, which is gentle enough to treat burn patients! They offer five different masks (shown above) but see below for my thoughts of the ones I tried!Glamour Base– So to clean my skin, I typically use a cleanser that dries out my skin and requires me to use a moisturizer immediately after. I decided to use this mask after the cleanser and it made my skin feel more moisturized then my moisturizer usually does! This is the perfect mask to get rid of dry patches and spots! Would definitely use this again!

Travelmate– I haven’t tried this one yet because I’m going to take it with me on my plane to China next week! The description of this mask says “its Swiss Alpine herb extracts gently hydrate your skin, and other natural ingredients help you restore moisture and a healthy glow.” Yes please.

IMG_0362.jpgSnow Magic– “When you want clear and brighter-looking skin, put on When Snow Magic—featuring moisturizing aloe vera and arbutin extracts to help create and maintain a beautiful glow.” This mask was great for making my skin feel refreshed and for removing some of the dullness in the color of my skin due to being tired!


You can find these masks at:
• Sephora
• Ulta Beauty
Anthropologie (online only)
• Bartell Drugs (online only)
Birchbox (online only)
Rickys NYC
• Starboard Cruise Services

Hope you decide to try out these masks- I think they’re great! And trust me, once you try gel masks, you won’t go back to sheet masks!

Thank you to Brandbacker and When for sponsoring this post! All opinions are 100% my own.

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