Things To Do To Make You Feel Alive

IMG_0361.jpgI’m not jealous of people that are a different age. I’m not jealous of kids in high school or people older than me who are married and have kids. There is no other age I would want to be than 23 and living life with no commitments, so much adventure, and energy. There are so many people my age who are fine with going to bed at 11 on weekends or “being normal” and I’m not about that. I still remember that my friend told me “you never remember the nights that you got tired and just went to bed.” I love being in my 20’s and throughout the last five years I have had so many experiences where I couldn’t stop smiling, I felt lucky to be alive and could feel my heart racing. Next time you feel like you’re getting stuck in a rut or need an adventure, try these activities to help you feel alive!

  • Concert/ Music Festival– I love love love seeing my favorite artists perform. It’s so much fun to sing with the words and dance with your friends or whatever strangers are next to you. Music festivals have so much energy and you can’t help but feel the positive vibes when thousands of people come together to dance. Friends, loud beats, and lights are bound to make you smile.
  • Driving at Night– Some nights my friends and I would drive somewhere with the windows down and play our favorite songs loudly. One night, my friend and I drove past the Atlanta skyline to the airport and watched planes take off. Hearing “Midnight City” by M83 still makes me think of that night!
  • Biking (At night or on a bridge)– This idea is making it on the list because I felt so happy when I biked the Golden Gate Bridge this past month. There’s no feeling like the wind in your hair as you see the views pass you by. I also love the spontaneous nights when my friends and I picked up a bike and went through campus or down 14th street.
  • Spontaneous Running– The week before graduation, my friend and I went running down campus with her dog and may or may not have run through a campus building as well. Lol After, we laid on a lawn and just laughed about it. Sounds so simple but is so fun.

At this age more than anything I’ve realized that for any activity or trip to really make you feel alive, make sure you’re in the company of great friends. Hope you decide to try some of these out next time you feel like you need to do something spontaneous or you are getting stuck in a rut!
❤ Emily

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