Florals in the City

Dress (similar ones here and here) | Boots | Purse (similar one here)

Wow where to start this post. During the last month, I put blogging aside to travel but during my time away, some events occurred that made me have some deep thoughts & realizations. They made me realize that I want to get more personal in my posts in addition to the beauty and fashion talk. See below for the personal thoughts!

Who else has been melting this summer? GA has been so hot and some days have literally been like 97 degrees. I have been living in dresses and went overboard on buying light-weight, cute ones this past month! On this particular day that these pics were taken, I went with my friends Morgan & Michael to Red Pepper Taqueria in Buckhead for some margaritas and then took MARTA home.


Here are those deep thoughts I mentioned before:

Something that I’m beginning to see more & more is that it’s important to live & have fun when you can. There are so many unknowns in the future and so many potential things that could go wrong (ex. parents falling ill or a marriage going wrong). I’m realizing that it’s important to have adventures & laugh when you can. Because whether or not we want to admit it, sometimes getting older sucks & sometimes you see people hold each other back from things they really want to do. I don’t want to live with so many “what ifs” & “I wish I had..”. Right now I’m all about creating high moments to deal with the lows. I’m in my 20’s and if I don’t take advantage of the present then by the time I’m 30 and responsibilities set in and life gets a lot harder then it’ll be too late. So go travel and go be crazy because it’s important to create happiness now since you have no idea what your future could be.

❤ Emily

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