Regrets About Not Moving

IMG_4232.JPGIf you know me, then you know two things: 1) I love change & 2) My dream city to live in is New York City. This past October when it came time to choose what office I would work in for my full time consulting job, I felt guilty about moving away and chose to stay in Atlanta. Throughout the months, I realized how much I regretted not choosing NYC as my home office and really got into a spiral of sadness and hating myself. After dropping off two of my best friends at the airport to move across the country, I felt like their lives were moving forward and mine was just standing still.  I don’t like to ever be negative so I took a few weeks to figure out how I could turn this whole situation into a positive one. If you feel the same way about not making a change and regret not moving to a new city then I hope this post helps you! Here’s what I’ve come up with to make me feel better about staying in my current city.

  1. Explore more– Even though Atlanta feels small sometimes, there are so many places I haven’t explored yet! I’m definitely planning to find new spots so I feel a “change” from the areas I’m typically hanging out in (maybe it’ll help me feel like I’m in a new city).
  2. Maintaining relationships– Although it feels like the majority of my friends have moved away, there are still a few friends here that I definitely want to stay close with! Living in Atlanta allows me to hang out with them and allows me to visit my parents easily as well!
  3. Cheap rent– I don’t know where you live but if you have cheap rent like Atlanta, take advantage of it! I definitely think in my next year, I’m going to travel a ton and just explore a lot of the US! I  really feel like if I moved to NYC, I would want to get to know the city and stay there every weekend to try and make friends. If I were in NYC and constantly traveling, I’d hate to pay such expensive rent and never be there. I have an ongoing list of cities I want to live in so I want to see other cities as much as I can in case I find other cities I love as much as NYC!
  4. It’s not forever– When you finish college and don’t move away, it sometimes feels like you’re going to be stuck there forever. Constantly remind yourself that nothing is permanent. Luckily I have so many friends that remind me that I’m going to have a ton of opportunities and many of them are bound to be in a new city. This tip seems simple but keeps me sane. Lol
  5. Saving money– I’m excited that for my first year out of college I can save a lot of money by being in a cheaper city like Atlanta. I’m motivated to save up money so that by the time I move to New York City then I can afford a nicer apartment and won’t have to budget as tightly as if I moved there now. By saving money I can also be independent and be paying for everything on my own and I can’t wait for that.
  6. Don’t give up– Lately, I have been getting advice from people on how they moved to a new city. I’m not going to stop thinking of getting to NYC until I get there.


For now, I’m content with staying in Atlanta but trust me it was an emotional roller coaster to get to where I am now. Remember that nothing is forever and you can make things happen if you want them to.

Thanks for reading and if you have any advice for me, please leave it down below!
❤ Emily

4 thoughts on “Regrets About Not Moving

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