REVIEW: Beautycounter Products!

IMG_2187.jpgdsc04507If you follow me on instagram (@emsies_emily), then you know that I’ve been going back and forth between NYC and Atlanta for work! It’s been a dream come true but also means that I’m constantly on an airplane so my mindset lately has been skincare, skincare, skincare. I was recently introduced to a brand called Beautycounter and got to sample a few of their products! “Beautycounter is dedicated to creating high-performing products that are free of toxins linked to cancer, hormone disruption, infertility, and the like. ([They’ve] banned over 1,500 ingredients so far.” The first picture is my skin with no foundation after trying these products for a week and I must say I really like the results! Check out what I think of the products below!

dsc04510Purifying Charcoal Mask– $45- Charcoal masks are all the rage right now because they are supposed to extract dirt from your pores! This one is cooling, really refreshing, hardens (as you can see in the pic above), and smells minty. It goes on smoothly with an opaque color but took a little bit of time to wash off. This one is a unique mask because it exfoliates your skin when you put it on and take it off! My only complaint is that some of the color stayed in my pores so it didn’t really make my pores look cleaner- but I’ll just have to wash the mask off twice in the future and it’ll be fine. Afterwards my skin felt soft and my the pores felt tighter!


AM Hydrating Cream-$43- This cream interestingly enough made my pores look wet in a way that I didn’t really like. My skin did feel moisturized though so in the future I’ll plan to use this as a night cream and then use a cleanser to rinse it off in the morning!

Polishing Cream– $34- I love exfoliating cleansers because I have combination skin so sometimes peeling skin can be a problem. This cleanser makes my skin feel really great and smooth. However, it’s not abrasive enough for me to get rid of dead skin. It does make my skin feel nice and clean though and also smells like burts bee’s products!

PM Hydrating Cream– $47- This night cream is awesome. It’s thick, luxurious, and exactly what you’d want to use on your face at night to keep it hydrated. Love it!

Eye Cream– $35- This is a great eye cream! It makes my undereyes feel hydrated and is thick but not too thick! It also didn’t make my eyeliner or mascara smudge when I applied it in the daytime so that was a big plus!

I hope that you all decide to try some of these products! It’s definitely a brand that’s easy to support since they’re producing great quality products with ingredients that are good for you! Have a fabulous week everyone!
❤ Emily

Thank you to Beauty Counter for sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

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